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Civic Mugen RR

Civic Mugen RR


Mugen RR

When talking about Honda royalty in the recent years, it’s hard to miss this Milano Red Honda Civic Type R tuned by the one and only Mugen. They don’t just take a good one and make it better, they make it close to perfection.

Limited to only 300 unit sold exclusively in Japan. This Mugen RR received some upgrade to bump up it’s power to 243 hp, a 15hp increase, but it managed to transform the rather “tame” CTR to a sharp and focus true driving machine.

Don’t get settle driving a normal Type R. We present you the ultimate MUGEN CIVIC RR.

Extra information: Due to its rarity, a limit of 200km per day only( Extra cost imply if over 200km per day), Mugen carbon bucket seat is not recommended for long distance driving.

JPY 32000
  • Engine
  • Interior Color
    Red and Black
  • Power
  • Fuel Type
    Unleaded Petrol
  • Length
    (4570 x 1790 x 1415) mm
  • Exterior Color
    Milano Red
  • Transmission
    6 MT

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