Zoom Car Life was founded in 2020 which based in Japan. We are passionate about Japanese collectible cars, and able to provide knowledge and expertise in classic cars.

We provide Premium Driving experiences in Tokyo Area. All Rental cars are limited edition. Cars speak themselves. Life’s too short to drive boring cars

日本自家用自動車有償貸渡許可関東運輸局 千運輸第896号
Japan Private Rental Car License Chiunyu No 896

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Imagine driving a JDM and enjoying the Japan road trip in one go. We are dedicated to helping car enthusiasts to make their dreams come true, we provide premium retro car driving experience in Tokyo Japan. Select your favourite car and book a ride with us for your next Japan trip!


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Store information - Chiba City

Along Tokyo Bay sits Chiba City, the capital city of the prefecture it takes its name from. Despite it having a population of almost 1 million people, the city is not particularly well known. Its closeness to Tokyo makes it convenient with less of the crowds and expenses — whether you’re taking a weekend getaway to go see a concert or a day trip to chill in one of its expansive parks. There is lots to explore here.

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